Q. Can schools test most of our equipment on site, in their classrooms, before buying in quantity?
A. Yes, by taking advantage of our 'First Time Field Test' Program.
Here's how the 'FTFT' Program works.
Nutshell version:

1) You choose a product to test and send us a purchase order ;
3) We send product to your school via UPS*;
4) We invoice your school, Net 30 days;
5) You test product in your classroom;
6) If you want to keep the product, you pay invoice in 30 days;
7) Not want to keep?  Return product and we cancel billing completely.
Detailed Version

1) Choose product line you want to test.  More than one product line may be chosen, for example, you may wish to test an easel and a drawing horse;

2) Fax or mail purchase order from your school business office. Derive product(s) model number(s) and price(s) from the 2-11 discount bracket on our web site.

3) We will ship single examples the product(s) via UPS then invoice your school on Net 30 day terms; UPS shipping charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.

4) Receive the product (save the box). Press product into service in your classroom—we expect you to use it under the most realistic conditions. If that means literally kicking it around, by all means do so. You will not be charged for signs of wear, tear or damage to the product.

5) If you approve and decide to keep it, pay the invoice;

6) Alternately, if you decide not to keep the product, ship it back to us within 30 days via UPS. Upon receiving it, we will cancel the billing completely.

* Note: Only products which ship via UPS may be obtained for testing through this program. Due to their very large size, Model Stands, Painting Racks and Drawing Cribs are not eligible for the FTFT Program.
  To contact us to set up a Field Test for your school, please call our Customer Service Desk at (815) 497-2831, or, email us a time and date convenient for you to be called by us.



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