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Graphic Arts

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'Non-technical' means this drawing table is intended for freehand art classroom use—not for mounting drafting machines, parallels or other technical/mechanical drawing aids.

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Standard Features:


Welded 20"x20"x34" 'MuleCube' (all steel square tubing) Boxframe
— 28"W x 30"D (footprint with caster extensions) x 36"H (level table)
— 1/2" Gray High Pressure Laminate Tops in sizes you specify
— Lifetime Guarantee All-steel Boxframe (welded framework, screw-less hinges and top-mounting rails)
— Top Adjusts from Perfectly Flat to 80° (with 6 intermediate positions)
— Comes with one shelf (add-ons too, see below)


General Description:
'Plain Jane' in the way it works and how it looks— no fancy parts (e.g.'gas springs' or castings) nor the implementation of any  'Continental'  or 'Euro Design' concepts. 

The trade-off ? A certain squareness, economy, high utility and 100% mechanical reliability...including a lifetime guarantee on the  welded framework, structural hinges and the fail-safe, easy to adjust, notch-lock, tilt-top


Other than Standard Top may be ordered (extra charges for Baltic Birch, Plastic Laminates, Wood Veneers
— Other than 36" level table height may be ordered at no extra charge!
— Additional 20" x 20" shelves


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 Top can be tilted and securely locked in a total of 8 (eight) positions, from flat to nearly vertical.
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Model (Order No.) Level
1/2" Gray
 High Pressure
 Top Size
Shelves Casters*
1 to 5 Unit Price 6 or More  
NTDT20X20-36H-32x24 36 32 x 24 1 Yes In Line $386.95 $376.95  
NTDT20X20-36H-37x32 36 37 x 32 1 Yes In Line $415.95 $399.95  
NTDT20X20-36H-40x37 36 40 x 37 1 Yes  In Line $423.95 $409.95  


* Note: All units equipped with four retractable swivel casters. The casters are mounted directly below and 'in line' with the vertical elements of the steel framework; they cause no increase in the 'footprint' of the steel framework. Retractable means the casters can be slightly withdrawn from floor to prevent the framework from rolling while drawing.


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