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Split-Top Graphic Arts Drawing

(Click here for tables without Split Tops)


Non-Technical Drawing Table

New "Split-Top" Drawing Table
Both Surfaces Fold Down!
Split-top doubles as cutting board!

Same great features as our standard Non-Technical Drawing Tables (see here) with an additional 12"x 24"  cutting surface which can mount for left or right handed users.


ADDED VALUE The "split-top" (attached side table) is made of a solid piece of HDPE, designed to do double duty as a 'self-healing' cutting board AND a resting place for drawing tools.
For multi-purpose classrooms where water, glues, solvents etc., are likely to spill or where ‘mat-knife’ cutting is a constant—tilt-top drawing table comes with two super-tough work surfaces— a big board of High Pressure Laminate for drawing and a ‘split top’ (side table) of a solid polyflat for cutting. Both surfaces are dense and 100% waterproof—both have the same high durability as commercial countertops or cutting boards.


New Table-To-Floor Solution! 
Skids and Retractable Casters

Stability and Mobility: Best of Both Worlds

Screw knob down till wheel barely touches floor then glide table around room or down the hall to another location.  Screw knob upwards to let table rest on skids again.  All casters and knobs trapped to framework to prevent tampering or removal.

Or, you don't want to bend down, just drag table on its tough polyskids...they're thick, permanently affixed and made to endure, even on rougher concrete studio floors


High-Pressure Laminate Drawing Board
( "Formica" type surface)
Same as kitchen countertop)

Lifetime Guarantee
Welded Steel Frame

Board Tilts from Flat to 800 in 7 Angles with
shelf space immediately underneath

Fail safe Notch’n’Lock Board Stabilizing Arms

39” Ht (when top folded flat)
Approx. 20”x20” footprint with
H.D Retractable Industrial Casters

Top12” x 24” Split Top
(Side Table–Left or Right) Made
of ½” Cutting Board Stock

Side Table (Split Top) folds down for storage

Comes with two shelves

Main drawing board can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientations (portrait or landscape)


Model Designation:




6 or more

with 12x24 Side Table
& Deluxe High Pressure Laminate Drawing Board
$479.95 $469.95  
with 12x24 Side Table
& Deluxe High Pressure Laminate Drawing Board
$499.95 $489.95  
with 12x24 Side Table
& Deluxe High Pressure Laminate Drawing Board
$516.95 $506.95  


Drawing surface locks in 8 positions.



Side Table folds down for storage





  Positive Notch'n'Lock tilt adjustment.
All small adjusting parts held captive to main framework!    



If you would like to view procedure for testing before buying in quantity, click here.


All prices f.o.b. factory. Contact us for best freight rates.


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